This week, host and AABD President David Baris is joined by Calvin Henderson, who has been involved for many years in loan administration and credit review as a senior officer at Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

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Effective loan administration and credit review are essential keys to a bank’s maintenance of a strong loan portfolio through good and bad times. Bank directors play an important role in overseeing that function by obtaining accurate and adequate timely information, reviewing that information critically, asking probing questions, and directing corrective action.

Calvin Henderson will take us through lessons to be learned from the Great Recession – what were the mistakes made by failed banks in loan administration and credit review. He will also provide you specific suggestions on how to strengthen your board’s and bank’s efforts such as establishing and maintaining an independent credit review function.

For more information and analysis on FDIC claims against bank directors of failed banks that highlight the deficiencies that the FDIC believed were evident, see FDIC Director Suits: Lessons Learned, 2nd Edition, by David Baris and Loyal Horsley.

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Thanks to our guest, Calvin Henderson.

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