AABD provides a wide variety services to members; including:

  • IBDE Educational Programs
  • Board Governance Assessments
  • Board Member Search Services
  • Bank Director Liability Assessment
  • Bank Director Liability Resource Center
  • Bank Examination Watchdog Project

IBDE Educational Programs

The Institute for Bank Director Education (IBDE) curriculum design reflects input from regulators, insurers, bankers, and banking law experts as well as outside directors themselves. In fact, several state banking departments and associations frequently act as education providers for the IBDE. Because insurers agree that one of their best “risk reducers” in writing financial institution D&O insurance is an educated board, those who complete the IBDE director education certification program can earn significant discounts on their D&O insurance.

The IBDE is a clearinghouse for director education. The IBDE reviews courses offered by various institutions, government regulatory agencies, and businesses for their applicability to financial institution directors, and evaluates both the course material and the qualifications of instructors. If a course is approved for inclusion in the program, the IBDE assigns the credit available for the course and lists the course in its Course Guide — at no charge to the course provider.

The IBDE maintains records of each individual director’s progress toward education certification, and financial institutions may have their D&O insurers call the IBDE offices for verification that their directors are certified. The IBDE charges no fee to financial institution directors to participate in the education certification program.

Directors pursuing education certification do, of course, have to pay the course provider for the course, and must be members of the AABD. In most cases, the D&O discounts earned will more than pay for membership in AABD. Click here to request more information.

Board Governance Assessments

The American Association of Bank Directors (AABD) encourages every bank board to undertake an annual assessment of board governance. This regular assessment process will provide your board with the opportunity for early intervention when potential governance issues develop. This document provides some general governance topics for your board’s consideration.

The AABD recommends a 360º assessment of board governance including [a] a self-assessment by each board member, [b] a group assessment by each board member and [c] an assessment of board governance by executive management.

In addition, AABD has found that bank boards of directors who commission an independent review of their board can gain tremendous insight on how their boards are functioning and the steps that can be taken to strengthen board governance. The AABD will provide an independent review of board governance at a reduced fee for AABD Premium Members. The AABD assessment normally includes individual interviews, review of corporate and board documents, and corporate governance policies. Contact David Baris ([email protected] or call 202-463-4888) for additional information about these and other AABD services.

Board Search Services

AABD provides a clearinghouse to match bank director candidates with potential bank director positions. Bank Board Search Committees, email [email protected]. Bank Board Candidates, provide your profile to Director Baris at [email protected].

Bank Director Liability Assessments

AABD will provide your bank board members with a detailed assessment of liability risk. Contact David Baris for more information.

Bank Director Liability Resource Center

AABD Members have access to a wealth of information about the personal risks faced by bank directors and how they may mitigate such risks. Contact David Baris for more information.

Bank Examination Watchdog Project

Bank directors and officers are invited to report any bank examination matter on a confidential basis that will help the AABD work with the banking agencies, other associations and Congress to identify problems associated with the bank examination process. Submit your reports here.