Complimentary Premium Membership

A complimentary premium AABD membership is open to all current and former members of the Board of Directors of a commercial bank or savings institution or their parent company. Register to receive AABD Alerts concerning bank director liability, upcoming educational programs, and other significant developments of importance to bank directors. Registration provides access to all AABD publications (charges may apply with member discounts), free webinars, our podcast Calling All Bank Directors, and AABD member discounts to selected in-person or virtual educational programs.

Complimentary premium membership provides the opportunity for you to participate in the efforts of AABD to change federal and state banking laws that put bank and savings institution directors at unnecessary risk of personal liability and impose unnecessary burdens on them. Registration also allows you to participate with AABD in persuading federal and state banking regulators to use their enforcement powers against bank directors and their banks in a manner consistent with due process and rational banking supervision.

Complimentary premium membership also permits participation in the director certification program through AABD’s affiliate, IBDE, which can lead to discounts or improved coverage for D&O insurance, participation in any of AABD’s substantive committees, and attendance at AABD’s conferences at a discounted registration fee.

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Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to all individuals or organizations that are not members of the Board of Directors of a commercial bank or a savings institution. Examples include directors of credit unions, bank officers who do not serve on their bank boards, vendors, bank accounting firms, investment bankers, bank attorneys, and banking agency representatives. Associate membership has all the rights and privileges of bank director  membership. The annual membership fee is $750.

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