Advisory Board & Staff

AABD President

AABD Executive Director

  • Richard M. Whiting
    Chairman Board of Advisors, Center for Finance, Law & Policy, Boston University
    Former Executive Director, Financial Services Roundtable
    [email protected]

AABD Chairman Emeritus

  • Charles J. Thayer
    Chairman, Chartwell Capital Ltd., Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Former Board Member, MainSource Financial Group
    Former Board Member, MainSource Bank
    Board Member, Louisville Development Bancorp
    Former Board Member, Republic Bank, Florida
    Former Board Member, BB&T Bank, Florida

AABD Executive Staff

  • David Baris, President
  • Richard M. Whiting, Executive Director
  • Andrew Baris, Vice President and Director of Marketing
  • Betty Pelton, Membership Director

AABD Issues Advisors

  • Bruce Gemmill, Marketing and Public Relations
    Former Senior VP/Chief Marketing Officer, MainStreet Bank
    Former Senior VP/Chief Marketing Officer, John Marshall Bank
    President, Campbell Communications
  • Christopher Nicholson, Audit and Accounting
    Retired partner, Deloitte
    Former director and Chair of Audit Committee, Old Dominion National Bank
    Member or Chair of Audit Committees of four companies.

AABD Board of Advisors

  • John B. Bowers
    Director of Member Services, VBA Management Services, Inc.
    Former Executive Vice President/Treasurer, Maryland Bankers Association
  • John Courson
    President & CEO, Home Builders Institute
    Director, Main Street Bank, Bingham Falls, MI
  • Keith Dalrymple
    Former President & CEO, Vartan National Bank, Dauphin, PA
    Former President, Independent Bankers Association of New York State
  • Bert Ely
    Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute
  • W. Douglas Fisher
    Former Director, United Bankshares, Inc.
    Former Chairman of the Board, Virginia Commerce Bancorp, Arlington, VA
  • H. David Hale
    Chairman, President, and CEO, First Capital Bank of Kentucky
    Former Commissioner of Banking, State of West Virginia
  • Jewell Hoover
    Director, Fifth Third Bank
  • William R. Klich
    Former President and CEO, Old Dominion National Bank
    Former State President, BB&T Florida
    Former Chairman and CEO, Republic Bank, Florida
  • Martin Lowy
  • Neil Milner
    Former President and CEO, Conference of State Supervisors
  • Chris Nicholson
    Former Deloitte Partner and bank director
  • Neal L. Petersen
    Former General Counsel, Federal Reserve Board
  • Kenneth Thomas, Ph.D.
    President, K.H. Thomas Associates, Miami, FL
  • R. Waid Thompson
    President and Owner, RWT Banc Services LLC, New Orleans, LA
  • Gregory P. Wilson
    Founder and Principal, Wilson Consulting
    Director, Atlantic Trust Company, Atlanta, GA

AABD Advisory Council – Institute for Bank Director Education

  • Fred Finke
    Senior Advisor, Treliant Risk Advisors, Washington, DC
  • Richard George
    Faculty, Haas Graduate School of Business
  • Jewell Hoover
    Director, Fifth Third Bank
  • Dave Martin
    Head of the Hamilton Group, Inc.
    Former Managing Director, Sandler O’Neill
  • Anita Gentle Newcomb
    Head of A.G. Newcomb & Co.
    Faculty, Barret Graduate School of Banking
  • Neal L. Petersen
    Former General Counsel, Federal Reserve Board
  • Gregory P. Wilson
    Founder and Principal, Wilson Consulting
    Director, Atlantic Trust Company, Atlanta, GA

AABD Committees

AABD is forming a number of committees which will permit AABD Members and Associate Members to communicate with each other and with experts on specific subject matter. For those committees which involve advocacy, members will be able to participate in advancing AABD’s objectives. Please review the list of the proposed committees and let us know on which committees you would like to serve.

Audit Committee
Audit, compliance, loan review, risk management, audit committee compliance with regulatory requirements, and oversight issues

Loan Committee
Underwriting standards, concentrations, risk management, loan policies, loan authorities, regulatory requirements, new loan products, on-line lending, and back office issues

Asset-Liability Management Committee
Policy development and implementation of asset-liability management strategies, investments, and alternative funding issues

Compensation Committee
Executive compensation plans, director compensation plans, deferred compensation plans, incentive-based plans, qualified and nonqualified stock options, assessment of forms and amounts of compensation, development of compensation evaluation systems

Insurance Products Committee
Ways to enter the insurance agency and insurance underwriting business; selection of insurance products for banks to offer to customers; marketing of products

Insurance Committee
Evaluation of D & O Insurance and Blanket Bond coverage, and consideration of other insurance products designed to protect directors and officers and the institution from liability.

Strategic Planning Committee
Processes within a bank to assure an active and effective strategic planning function; common strategic choices facing banks and savings institutions

Mergers and Acquisitions Committee
Processes within a bank to assure full and active evaluation of opportunities to acquire other financial institutions and other businesses or opportunities to be acquired; evaluation of criteria as to whether the institution should remain independent or be acquired

Marketing Committee
Consideration of successful marketing strategies for banks and savings institutions, and implementation of such strategies

Investment Products Committee
Evaluation of investment products that can be successfully offered to bank customers, and how to enter and be successful in the business

Trust Committee
Evaluation of trust products, and procedures for successful trust committees

Federal Banking Agency Liaison Committee
Links AABD with each of the federal banking agencies on a variety of issues and helps formulate AABD positions on federal banking agency issues

U.S. Congressional Liaison Committee
Links AABD with members and committees of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and helps formulate AABD positions on federal legislation

New Bank Committee
Identification and evaluation of issues facing new banks (those in existence for less than five years which are not affiliated with more mature banks)

Administrative Law Reform Task Force
Evaluation of areas of administrative law affecting banks and savings institutions and their directors and officers that need improvement and recommendations to the relevant banking agency

State Legislative and Bank Regulatory Liaison
Links AABD with state legislatures and state banking agencies by identifying issues affecting bank and savings institution directors and recommendations to relevant state legislature or state banking agency

Planning Committee (for Annual Convention)
Assistance in the planning and implementation of AABD’s Annual Convention

Litigation Committee
Identification of pending cases and court decisions affecting bank and savings institution directors, and recommendation on cases in which AABD should file an amicus brief

Technology Assessment Committee
Study of the process of assessing the technology needs of banks and savings institutions and discussions on substantive technology issues

New Director Orientation Committee
Review of informational needs of newly appointed or elected bank directors and development of relevant materials.