AABD sponsors are companies/vendors which believe strongly in AABD’s mission and want to support that mission.  They will have space allotted to them on AABD’s web site for information on what bank directors need to know about their product, promotional materials and contact information. Sponsors will participate in the Video Library program in which one or more of their representatives will be interviewed on the subject matter of their product. Each video will be 3-7 minutes in duration.  Each video could cover separate subjects within the subject matter of their product.

There will be only one or two sponsors devoted to any particular subject matter. If there are two sponsors for the subject matter, the cost of the sponsorship will be lower than if the sponsor were the exclusive sponsor.

Sponsors will also be able to participate at least once annually in a one-hour webinar devoted to their subject. AABD personnel would participate in introductions, questions, and presentations.  AABD would arrange and manage the webinar, including mailings and emails to its lists as well as the sponsor list of contacts.

AABD will have periodic bulletins and reports mailed or emailed to AABD members on a variety of subjects, including the subject matter covered by a sponsor.  The sponsor may contribute to the materials relating to their subject matter that are mailed or emailed to AABD members.

Sponsors will be given priority in participating in programs sponsored by AABD in which AABD has control over the agenda and selection of speakers.

The annual sponsorship fee is established by agreement between AABD and the sponsor.  The relationship between the sponsor and AABD will be memorialized in a letter agreement that will provide for an annual renewal only if both parties agree to such renewal or terms acceptable to both parties. Sponsors have all the rights of membership that other AABD members have.

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