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The Association was formed in 1997 by a group of bankers and industry professionals to serve as a tool to educate Sub S banks about the myriad of regulatory, taxation and legal issues that relate to financial institutions organized as S corporations. The Association also serves as a platform whereby the interests of Sub S banks, their management, directors and shareholders can be presented to lawmakers through one unified voice. For over fifteen years now, the mission of the Subchapter S Bank Association has been to protect and enhance shareholder value through education on Subchapter S taxation. The Association provides a number of unique resources to members so that they are able to maximize the benefits of Subchapter S. First and foremost, we publish a quarterly newsletter titled the Subchapter S Bank Report, in which industry experts write on a multitude of legislative, regulatory, taxation and governance matters. The Association hosts an Annual Conference at which professionals and experienced Sub S bankers discuss various topics of interest. We also offer our Webinar Series. Each 90-minute webinar features an industry professional speaking on a Sub S related topic. We invite you to join the Subchapter S Bank Association. Annual dues for the Subchapter S Bank Association are set at $995 for Bank members and $1,295 for Associate members.

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