Let’s talk resources for a moment. What’s your scarcest resource? Time. What’s your most valuable resource? Knowledge.

You need specific training and materials to excel at your job. And you don’t want to waste hours searching for options or days in a workshop that turns out to be something less than worthwhile.

We’re here to help. Think of SNL Knowledge Center as your resource managers for sector-specific training and information.

Specialists in your industry. Rely on our seasoned teams devoted to the banking, insurance, energy, REIT, and media sectors to create the most effective training and locate the best materials anywhere.

Instant ROI. Take a two-day course with us, then report to work the next day with a whole new level of expertise you can put to immediate use. Gain fluency with our glossaries and backgrounders in time for this afternoon’s meeting. Access your industry’s best white papers and have more to contribute at next week’s corporate retreat.

Skills-oriented, career-building programs. Invest only in relevant and immediately useful solutions to your professional development needs. That’s all we offer. We assess the training needs and career paths of clients like you. We codify and capture our expert instructors’ years of experience. And we deliver the education you need in a way that’s timely, applicable, and cost-effective.

Instructors from the field. Spend your time learning from highly accomplished subject matter experts who have done the work you’re doing and faced the challenges you face. Your instructors are not just teachers. They’re current and former investment bankers, equity and fixed income research analysts, portfolio managers, and operating executives.

Choose your delivery system. Select from training seminars and executive conferences nationwide. If you prefer, we’ll come to you via webinars or in-house programs.

Stay current with our carefully vetted resource library. Access reference materials, such as backgrounders that enable you to quickly understand industry terms, regulatory constructs, accounting standards and the like. Broaden your insight with white papers from many of the world’s best legal, consulting and investing firms. Keep up with data dispatches that provide incisive windows into industry trends through a combination of metrics and SNL analyst commentary.

SNL Knowledge Center