The American Association of Bank Directors (“AABD”) announced today that SNL Financial has become a sponsor of AABD.

Through its SNL Knowledge Center, SNL Financial produces valuable programs for bankers and bank directors.  SNL Financial is a leading provider of banking data, news, analytical tools and insight to the banking industry. One of its key products is SNL Banker, a data reporting and analysis solution that securely integrates data from the multiple internal data sources within a bank.  With this solution, banks can clearly understand what happened from a financial and operational perspective, and accurately forecast future performance.  SNL Banker enables banks to make better decisions, reduce risks, and effectively manage resources.

“With the numerous challenges facing bank directors and their banks today, education, training and information have become essential tools for bank directors to meet those challenges,” David Baris, Executive Director of AABD, said.  “SNL Financial will be a tremendous resource to AABD and its members by providing quality programs and training specially designed for bank directors.”

“AABD’s nationally recognized bank director certification program through its Institute for Bank Director Education will be well served by having superb education providers such as SNL Financial support the program,” explained Mr. Baris. “Under its bank director certification program, AABD works closely with banks whose directors participate in the program to obtain better D&O insurance coverage and/or lower premiums.”

“SNL Financial is delighted to become a sponsor of AABD, which provides bank directors with the skills and information that they need to be valuable board members,” Shawn Ryan, Director of SNL Knowledge Center said.  “Our programs will be geared to providing bank directors the education and information they will need to perform their responsibilities.  We are also pleased to participate in AABD’s core course offering to bank directors, which covers the essential basics of being a bank director in a six hour customized course.”

Founded in 1989, the non-profit American Association of Bank Directors (  is the only trade group in the United States solely devoted to bank directors and their information, education, and advocacy needs.  The Institute for Bank Director Education was established in 1993 as the educational arm of AABD.  Its purpose is to act as a clearinghouse for education programs designed for bank and savings institution directors that support the nationally recognized Director Certification Program.

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