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One of the requirements for AABD’s  bank board certification is a six hour core course.

We are offering up to 15 in-person core courses in 2019.  Act now to reserve a date.

The course covers everything under the sun.  Even highly experienced bank board members have derived great value from the core course.

We adjust the course to meet the needs of each individual board.

Click here for a summary of the core course.

The core course is an integral part of AABD’s bank director certification program. Click here for the description of the certification program.

Let us help your board members establish a training schedule for 2019.  Certification requires supplemental training that AABD will monitor for you.

The in-person core course costs $8,000 plus expenses.  There is no charge for participation in the certification program.

AABD also offers the core course telephonically with powerpoints online.

These are lower priced, but not nearly as effective as being in the same room with your directors.