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AABD’s first quarterly conference call for the Risk-Reward Committee is scheduled for Friday, May 19, 2017 at 2 pm – 2:45 pm  Eastern.

Members are CROs of banks and savings institutions and bank board members, including CEOs.

Membership is complimentary.

The name of the committee connotes the link between risk and reward.  This is often forgotten or not fully addressed by banks and banking agencies.  The Committee will explore that link and assist its members in evaluating risk in light of reward.

The primary purposes of the Committee are to identify regulatory expectations and best practices in Risk Management; provide advice on how to meet expectations; support training opportunities for bank board Risk Committees and bank directors; tie risk management and rewards; and participate in outreach to banking agencies, members of Congress, Congressional Committees, and other bank trade associations.

The registration form can be viewed here.  To attend your first meeting, please complete and forward to AABD no later than April 28, 2017.

Among the discussion points in our first meeting will be reviewing:

  • the Risk-Reward Committee Charter;
  • the key risk roles and responsibilities of the board and board risk committees;
  • recent regulatory developments;
  • alternative board structures to oversee enterprise risk management;
  • alternative reporting processes for the CRO; and
  • agenda items for the next quarterly meeting.

Our Co-Chairs for the Risk-Reward Committee are Michael Glotz, President of Strategic Risk Associates, who has developed the nationally recognized ERM Watchtower, and Joe O’Donnell, Director of Enterprise Risk Management at Fannie Mae.

Mr. O’Donnell also serves as a Senior Advisor on Enterprise Risk Management for AABD.

Mr. Glotz and Mr. O’Donnell are faculty members of the Institute for Bank Director Education, a division of AABD.