Treliant, a nationally respected bank consulting firm, has become an AABD Sponsor, assisting the efforts of bank General Counsel to guide bank directors through current challenges.

AABD’s General Counsel Committee provides a forum for bank General Counsel to identify and help fulfill needs of bank directors.

We know from history that bank directors can bear the brunt of a declining economy and financial health of their institutions.

The banking agencies often blame bank directors for a decline in their banks’ financial condition even where it was not the fault of the directors.

A well-informed bank board with support from their General Counsel can confront and effectively manage these challenges.

The General Counsel Committee, which meets bi-monthly, nurtures open dialogue among its members to address common problems. It invites guest presenters to engage with the Committee on timely subjects.

The next meeting of the General Counsel Committee is on Wednesday, November 18, from 2:30 to 3:30 EST. Members will receive details shortly. Those General Counsel who are not yet members will be invited to join. Membership is complimentary.