Reviewing Your Deposit Agreement

Presentation discusses how a deposit agreement can increase institution's deposit account-related fee income; how recent Uniform Commercial Code amendments permit most financial institutions to take ... Read More »

Negotiated and Hostile Acquisitions

Program discusses contents of a 'ready response' program and anti-takeover devices available to an institution before an unwanted offer surfaces. Board and management responsibilities in ... Read More »

Long-Range Planning for Bank Directors

Two-day program assists participants in dealing with real-world dilemmas facing financial institutions and analyzing them systematically. Participants learn planning skills by actually developing an overall ... Read More »

Hands-On Bank Director Training

Utilizes computer bank simulation technology to offer directors and senior officers the hand-on experience of learning how financial and strategic decisions impact an institution's growth ... Read More »

Fair Lending Compliance

Presentation discusses minimum mortgage loan/insurance amounts, PMI policies, secondary mortgage market policies, underwriting guidelines, branch locations, hours and services and advertising policies as such topics ... Read More »