The recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic Bank have upped the ante for your next examination. Expect it to be rigorous and searching for opportunities to take enforcement action against your bank, directors, and officers.

Banking agencies have ramped up their review of bank liquidity, investments, and asset/liability management (ALM) in response to the failure. A flood of enforcement actions is anticipated. To help banks and their boards of directors and officers prepare, host David Baris is joined by David D. Gibbons to discuss preparing for your next examination.

David Gibbons has extensive financial services experience with a unique blend of public and private sector experiences as a senior bank regulator, a practicing Chief Risk Officer, a financial services risk management and regulatory advisor, and a testifying expert. He serves as a member of AABD’s Task Force studying how a bank director’s risk of personal liability may be mitigated consistent with safe and sound banking.

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