Host and AABD President David Baris is joined again by Dr. Dave Skanderson, an expert on analyzing statistical evidence of fair lending results, to discuss redlining and what it might mean to your bank and board. Redlining has a long history but even to this day, it still raises its ugly head. This is part one of our discussion.

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What is redlining? How does your board find out if your bank is engaging in redlining or appearing to do so? What preemptive steps can your bank take to assure that it is now and will be in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements? What corrective action can your board take to fix the problem and minimize risk of liability?

Dr. Skanderson will answer these questions and also address recent enforcement actions of the banking agencies and CFPB against institutions alleged to have engaged in redlining in order to guide bank directors into taking steps now to minimize risks of enforcement actions.

For more information and analysis on fair lending for bank directors, see our Practical Handbook on Fair Lending for Bank Directors and Executive Officers by AABD President David Baris, Andrea Mitchell, Lori Sommerfield, and Shara Chang.

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Thanks to our guest, Dr. Dave Skanderson.

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