This week, host and AABD President David Baris is joined by AABD Advisor Dave Martin, who has been involved as an investment banker in numerous bank mergers, including mergers of equals. He will share his perspective on mergers of equals and whether they might make sense for your board to consider.

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Of the 2,153 bank mergers over the past five years, only 60, or about three percent, have been called mergers of equals. Why are they so rare? Can they make sense for your bank? If so, how can they be successful?

Any bank that is not large enough to acquire another bank, or does not want to sell or who can’t find a buyer, but that would like to grow and improve earnings and, at the same time, maintain some control, should consider mergers of equals.

Dave Martin will address this by analyzing the proposed merger of equals by Bridge Bancorp and Dime Community Bancshares and the factors that bank clients of his have grappled with in deciding whether to enter into a merger of equals.

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Thanks to our guest, Dave Martin.

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