In this week’s episode of Calling All Bank Directors, host and AABD President David Baris is once again joined by AABD Advisor Dave Martin, an expert in bank mergers and acquisitions, who explains how bank Boards and CEOs can plan to buy a bank now or later.

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Through our contacts in the banking industry, we believe that because the pandemic has created upheaval and uncertainty, many banks that would be buyers are waiting until it is over, even to the point of not even planning for one. This could be a lost opportunity. There is a good argument that even now, selective purchases of banks make sense.

Prices are lower and the loan diversification that a buyer may be seeking is available through an acquisition of a bank that has an emphasis in other loan categories. Plus, greater efficiency and a stronger capital base and talent pool may be available.

Even if your bank does not agree to purchase a bank during the pandemic, it is essential that your bank plan now for an eventual acquisition.
This episode takes you through the planning process and choices your board and management can make that may ultimately determine whether you will have a successful acquisition. Planning should start even before a list of candidates is finalized.

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Thanks to our guest, Dave Martin.

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