In this week’s episode of Calling All Bank Directors, host and AABD President David Baris is joined by AABD Advisor Dave Martin, an expert in bank mergers and acquisitions, who explains how bank boards and CEOs can sell their banks now or later. 

Many community banks want to sell but they’re not sure when. Is this a good time to consider a sale? Surprisingly, it could be.

Allowances are increasing, earnings are down and so are bank stock prices. Uncertainty reigns. Why now?

Most potential bank sellers will wait. They’re not even considering a sale now. But it’s easy to imagine that there will be a rush of sellers when the pandemic ends. What impact will that have on merger prices? Will buyers become scarce?

If your shareholders receive the acquirer’s stock before the pandemic is over, the acquirer’s stock price probably will be low, too. In fact, since the onset of the pandemic, larger banks’ stock prices have been more depressed generally than smaller banks’.

Those of your shareholders who take the acquirer’s stock may see it recover, and their gain will probably be tax free while they wait. A larger acquirer’s stock often is more liquid and may pay a higher dividend, advantages that may add value for your shareholders.

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Thanks to our guest, Dave Martin.

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