Calling All Bank Directors will cover a myriad of subjects that bank directors need to know about.

Welcome to Calling All Bank Directors, the podcast of the American Association of Bank Directors. AABD has been your advocate since 1989 and our podcast, hosted by AABD President David Baris, is designed to keep you well informed to help protect both you and your bank.

Our inaugural episode, You, Your Bank, and the Coronavirus, covers what impact COVID-19 is having on bank mergers and what should you be doing about it. The number of announced deals is way down and some banks are extracting themselves from pending deals. But if you and your board have a clear strategic focus, your bank will be prepared for bank merger opportunities and pitfalls triggered by the pandemic.

We are joined by AABD Advisor Dave Martin, former commercial banker at Mellon where he managed acquisitions and former managing director at Sandler O’Neill, where he was involved in numerous bank mergers.  

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